Fright Dome launches Fright Ride

If you are always up for some scare, the creators of Fright Dome got you covered; they are unleashing a new scare joint, Fright Ride.

The new spot will open on Industrial Road and Wyoming Avenue. It will feature a 75,000 'scare'-foot establishment transformed into a haunted attraction scary enough to send shivers down your spine. The joint will be open between 6:30 pm and midnight every night in October.  

According to the establishment's owner Jason Egan, the new spot seeks to revive the Fright Dome experience, which had been the city's darling for more than 15 years. With myriads of Halloween establishments closing all across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Egan and his team are out to save Halloween. The new spot at Fright Ride will guarantee the same experience that Fright Dome offered but with complete compliance with the set safety protocols.

Egan establishes that as soon as guests arrive, they'll go to the Research Lab, where zombie-like medical personnel will prepare them for a fearful diagnosis.  After a couple of entertaining shows, they will kick off their 75,000 square foot scary journey in eco-friendly electric carts through Dr. Craven's hidden corridors. They will encounter the corridor's nightmarish inhabitants and psycho scientists. This will be the best opportunity for guests to face and conquer their fears.

Prior-reservations will be the order of the day since space will be limited. The price of a general admission ticket is set to start at $24.99, but VIP and premium tickets will also be available. VIP and premium tickets will allow guests express entry, credentials, and a souvenir lanyard.

In compliance with the State's Covid-19 dictates, Fright Ride has also put in place several protocols to counter the spread of the virus and protect their guests.

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